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Hot and Cold Wellness Experience


New for 2024

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🔥❄️ Introducing FIRE & ICE at Mountain Yoga! 🔥❄️

Experience the ultimate fusion of Hot & Cold rejuvenation with our groundbreaking FIRE & ICE training session. This innovative two-hour program combines the power of cold water therapy, the invigorating Wim Hof Style breathing experience, and the healing warmth of a dedicated Hot Pod Room.


Introductory price £49

Immerse yourself in the art of hot and cold water therapy and learn essential breathing techniques from our expert instructors. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling revitalised, inspired, and ready to embrace the benefits of these techniques going forward. 



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In the serene setting of Mountain Yoga, we've designed a unique program to teach you the invigorating world of cold water therapy, guided by our expert instructors. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the transformative benefits of cold water immersion, Wim Hof-inspired breathing techniques, and the comforting warmth of our Hot Pod Room.

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  • Cold Water Therapy: Discover the ancient practice of cold water immersion, which promotes enhanced circulation, stress relief, and a natural energy boost.

  • 🔥 Wim Hof Breathing: Learn the foundations of Wim Hof breathing, providing you with tools to face the cold and adversity.

  • 🌡️ Hot Room Mobility: Experience the contrasting effects of our spacious hot room, where you'll alternate between cold water and warmth, where mobility exercises and warming techniques are integrated all while mastering the art of conscious breathing.

  • 🌬️ Breathing Fundamentals: Gain a solid foundation in breathing techniques that you can apply to everyday life and work. 

  • ❄️ Cold Water Confidence: Develop the confidence to explore cold water therapy without fear.

  • 🧘 Stress Management Tools: Build your own toolkit for managing stress and anxiety that can be implemented in your professional and personal life.


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Throughout the FIRE & ICE journey, participants will transition from our super heated 42-degree Hot Pod Room into our invigorating cold water plunge pool


Each cycle introduces new practices aimed at enhancing comfort in the cold water, where they'll master mindful breathing techniques, gradually extending the duration of immersion.

As the experience unfolds, participants discover that each transition becomes not only more manageable but also a source of empowerment, fostering increased resilience and an overall sense of well-being with each repetition.

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Nestled amidst the natural beauty of the Garth Mountain, our plunge pool offers a unique setting for Fire & Ice.

It's the largest naturally fed plunge pool in the UK, Fed by a pristine natural spring that flows from the heart of the mountain, it has a rich history of supplying local villages. Today, we're repurposing this spring for your wellness.

🌿 Natural Spring: Our pool is fed by a pure, continuously flowing natural spring, ensuring the freshest mineral water throughout the year.

❄️ Ideal Temperature: The water maintains a refreshing temperature between 5 and 12 degrees Celsius, providing the perfect conditions for cold water training.

🌞 Scenic Location: With breathtaking mountain views and the therapeutic powers of the spring, you'll enjoy an outdoor experience like no other.

🌊 Clean and Safe: Our pool is free from stagnation and artificial filtration, making it one of the cleanest and safest places to experience cold water therapy.


Elevate your well-being, learn essential skills, reduce stress, and enhance your overall quality of life. Your journey to balance, health, and vitality begins here.

The Benefits:


Experience a wealth of benefits, including:

  • 🌿 Stress Reduction: Master techniques to reduce stress and anxiety whilst improving mental clarity.

  • 🛡️ Enhanced Resilience: Gradually build resilience against cold, helping you face everyday challenges with confidence.

  • ⚡ Energy Boost: Discover newfound energy and vitality through mindful breathing practices.

  • 🌬️ Improved Respiratory Health: Enhance lung capacity and oxygen utilisation through our specialised breathing exercises.

  • 🏋️‍♂️ Enhanced Mobility and Optimal Posture: Discover the keys to improved movement and ideal posture, cultivating strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.




  • Cold Water Therapy

  • Hot Room Mobility

  • Breathing Fundamentals

  • Cold Water Confidence

  • Stress Management Tools

  • Introduction to Wellness

Introductory Price - £49

Upcoming Dates:

(Dates are released approx 2 months in advance)

July Dates

Fri 19th July 1pm - 3pm

Sat 20th 12pm - 2pm Fully Booked

Sat 20th July 12pm - 2pm Fully Booked

Sun 28th July 1pm - 3pm Fully Booked

Aug Dates

Fri 2nd Aug 9am - 11am Fully Booked

Sun 4th Aug 4pm - 6pm 

Thur 8th Aug 9am -11am Fully Booked

Sun 11th Aug 1pm - 3pm Fully Booked

Wed 14th Aug 3pm - 5pm

Wed 21st Aug 12pm - 2pm Fully Booked

Thur 22nd Aug 12pm - 2pm 

Fri 23rd Aug 3pm -5pm Fully Booked

Sat 24th Aug 3pm -5pm 

Wed 28th Aug 3pm - 5pm Fully Booked

After booking you will receive a comprehensive email with all the information you need, including Directions, What to wear, Kit list and more....




''Perfect Gift idea for loved ones, Friends or Family'

An experience they'll never forget. 

This voucher allows you to book onto any of our weekly FIRE & ICE Experiences anytime over the next 12 months. 

Introductory Price £49

(Dates are released 2 months in advance)


Did you know we do a FIRE & ICE (Beginners Edition)

Perfect for someone new to the idea of cold water therapy.

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Other Sessions Available......

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The Original

FIRE & ICE Experience

(Beginners edition)

Fire & Ice Beginners edition at Mountain yoga cardiff

Experience our Beginner's Edition of the Fire and Ice journey, offering a gentler approach. Guided by expert instructors, this tailored experience is ideal for newcomers seeking a gradual introduction to cold water immersion, mindset coaching, breathwork techniques, Wim Hof methods, and hot mobility exercises. Join us for a fun experience designed to empower and uplift....more info

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FIRE & ICE Open Session (1hr)

fire and ice open session at mountain yoga cardiff

Our Open sessions offer a unique opportunity to indulge in hot and cold therapy amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Garth Mountain. Experience our Super Heated Safari Sauna Tent, natural spring-fed Plunge Pool, and cozy decking area with a roaring fire pit. Plus, take advantage of our scenic 1k nature walk through our expansive 110-acre facility....more info

We also do Private FIRE & ICE Events for Groups, Gyms

or Team-building.