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Health Retreat 

New for 2023




Half day (Studio Based)

Our 2023 motivational health day is what you need to kick start your health and get back on track. Sectioned into 4 key parts, we give you the tools, the why, and the motivation to improve your health and change your lifestyle thats sustainable and lasts!



-Breaking bad habits


-Breathing & sleep


This retreat is for all abilities! The information, guides, and routines given, can be scaled at home to suit your own needs, lifestyle, and commitments.



MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER - We start our Motivational Health Day with one of our many inspirational speakers - One being Tori James, the first Welsh woman to summit mount Everest, here she gives participants an insight into staking claims to climbing their own mountains, setting goals, and the pathway to achieving them. (includes Q&A with the speaker) 

Q&A + Break - Hot & cold drinks with healthy snacks. Plus a chance to ask questions and talk to the Motivational speaker.


MOVEMENT - We delve into the motivation and theory surrounding why we should move! This session consists of a group movement session, followed by take home lessons to improve participants every day lives. Simple habitual movement routines that individuals of ALL abilities can start doing in their own home. Awaken the body, loosen muscles, strengthen joints and improve posture. Ultimately, provide every day movement & endorphins to have you feeling your best. No gym required!


BREAKING BAD HABITS - Our health in theory exercise is aimed to capture and change the way we think about our health, and the steps in which to change it for the better! Participants will be guided through different thought provoking processes leading to change in habits and routine surrounding health. 

Break - Hot & cold drinks with healthy snacks.

BREATHING  & SLEEP - Participants will be taught various methods of breathing to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and change moods through breathing. These are small bite sized take home practices, that when implemented pack a serious punch, breathe better, feel better, sleep better!

Upcoming dates - 

Sat 28th Jan - 12pm-4pm Fully Booked

Fri 3rd Feb - 130pm - 530pm Fully Booked

Fri 17th Feb - 130pm - 530pm


“This is not a fitness class or nutrition course! We all know we should exercise and the foods that we should be eating! This course is instead, about making it happen! A kick up the rear! Breaking those bad habits and installing simple, easy, fun daily routines & changes. All designed to have a long lasting knock on effect to a better life and overall health”.

Craig. Co-founder




'Perfect GIFT for Family or Friends'

An experience they'll never forget. 

This voucher allows you to book onto any of our half day retreats anytime in the next 12 months. 

Only £49


Make a day of it! Only 4 miles from Cardiff City Centre

mountain yoga logo uk 1.png
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